Guest Channels

Our strong believe is that hoteliers know best how to offer their guests a unique experience. This is why Hotel MSSNGR offers hoteliers nine different communication channels to individually chose from. Some of them visible to guests as new and innovative solutions – others, behind the scenes, are invisible to guests. Hotel MSSNGR’s modular approach enables hoteliers to chose the channels that best suit their property and guests. Naturally a property and the guests develop over time, channels can be added or discarded anytime. Regardless of the choice, Hotel MSSNGR will greatly enhance the productivity of all staff members handling guest relations.

White label

All Hotel MSSNGR communication channels come as white labeled products. They will all show the hotel’s individual logo, fonts, colours and images. Guests will perceive the products as the hotel’s proprietary individual communication products.

Hotel MSSNGR offers nine different guest channels for hoteliers to chose from

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