is an easy to use software solution for resort hotels to efficiently manage their guest communication. Enter your guest communication information once into the Hotel MSSNGR content management system. Hotel MSSNGR then delivers its output across up to nine guest communication channels.

Using Hotel MSSNGR will greatly increase the hotel’s communication and marketing efficiency, grow revenues and reduce costs. The hotel’s staff and guests will love Hotel MSSNGR!

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Why Hotel MSSNGR?

Cut daily communication effort by 70% to 90%

Increase guest involvement and revenues by focused and interest specific guest communication

Exclusively built for 4 and 5 * hotels and resorts

9 innovative communication channels to chose from - Native smart phone and tablet apps, digital signage, PDF generator and others

Modular toolkit to fit every hotel's need

Hotel MSSNGR saves 70–90% of the hotel staff’s daily time on guest communication.

Hotel MSSNGR will enhance guest satisfaction by providing innovative communication channels.

Hotel MSSNGR will increase on-site revenues - as Hotel MSSNGR allows to actively, non-intrusively engage hotel guests to participate in offers and activities.

Hotel MSSNGR easily integrates into the hotel's communication landscape - it comes as a white label solution.

Save time and money

Using Hotel MSSNGR will increase the hotel's guest communication efficiency, grow revenues and significantly reduce costs. Hotel MSSNGR saves 70-90% of the hotel staff’s daily time on guest communication. This is how Hotel MSSNGR improved processes at our customers so far:
Minutes saved by hotel staff

Hotel MSSNGR delivers powerful guest communication features

Central CMS for all communication channels

Hotel MSSNGR is served by a central content management system (CMS). The Hotel MSSNGR CMS is accessed through a website from any browser worldwide. All the hotel’s guest information is entered into the Hotel MSSNGR CMS only once. The CMS then automatically delivers the content individually formatted into up to nine different Hotel MSSNGR communication channels.

Say good-bye to time consuming copy-paste, nitty-gritty formatting work and day-long repetitive tasks on your guest communication. And welcome Hotel MSSNGR!

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9 innovative communication channels

Hotel MSSNGR let’s hoteliers choose among these guest communication channels. Some of them are visible to the hotel’s guests, some are not. Simply select the guest channels which fit perfectly for your guests and your property. Hotel MSSNGR will immediately enhance your communication efforts!

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Why do our customers use Hotel MSSNGR?

Co-Founder Konstantin Schlüter explains why Hotel MSSNGR’s customers use and benefit from our guest communication solution.

Used by leading resort hotels world wide

"MSSNGR enables us to direct our guests' interests to the areas, which are most important for the guests – and for us."
Robinson Club GmbH
Schloss Elmau
Grand Hotel Heiligendamm
Grand Hotel Kronenhof
TUI Blue
TUI Sensimar
Interalpen Hotel Tyrol
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