In-room guest TV

Hotel MSSNGR delivers all guest communication content to the in-room TVs. Hotel MSSNGR enables guests to view curated guest information in a slideshow style on their guest room TVs. Hotel MSSNGR’s sophisticated content engine delivers location specific content. Multi-language support is provided as a standard. Hotel MSSNGR’s in-room guest TV solution works with standard hotel TV broadcasting systems and usually requires no additional investments.

Legacy hardware

Hotel MSSNGR’s in-room TV channels runs on all legacy TV systems. Again, we believe, switching to the Hotel MSSNGR guest communication solution should not require also investing in new hardware. Feeding the in-room TV network is easy through Hotel MSSNGR’s website based in-room TV feed.

Multi langugage

As Hotel MSSNGR supports unlimited guest languages so does its in-room TV channel. Either feed different languages into all rooms or specify the language per room. Simple and without any daily effort. Another reason why Hotel MSSNGR saves 70-90% on the hotel’s daily guest communication effort.

Configurable Content

Hotel MSSNGR’s enables hotels to specify which content they want to show on which in-room TV. This might be either language based or information based. With Hotel MSSNGR’s tagging system, defining which content to be displayed on which type of in-room TV is easy!

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