Hotel MSSNGR Web App

The Hotel MSSNGR web app is the easy to use entry level for personalized guest communication. A responsive website, adapted to the hotel’s corporate design running smoothly on all hardware and operating systems. No installation required, just a simple but fully functional website.

Running on all hardware devices and operating systems

Hotel MSSNGR’s web app is the ideal entry to all guest communication on the guest’s personal devices. A simple yet powerful, adaptive website running on all hardware devices and operating system.

A simple website - no installation necessary

The web app ist often used as an entry point as it does not require any installation or download. For business and city hotels with a shorter stay and less loyal guest profile, the web app might also make a native app nice-to-have. Hotel MSSNGR’s modular approach is maximum flexible – with the web app as the ideal guest communication channel to start with.

White labeled to the hotel's corporate design

As Hotel MSSNGR’s native apps, the web app comes as white label version. This makes the web app customizable to the hotel’s corporate design – fonts, colours and images. Due to its agile setup, the web app is a quickly setup new and innovative communication channel for Hotel MSSNGR’s customers.

A-Z hotel directory

As a powerful entry product at an almost neglectable price tag, Hotel MSSNGR’s web app “A-Z Hotel Directory” only is the ideal choice for all hotels with lesser guest communication content. This version of the web app will show the directory part only but will help hotels, B&Bs, rental apartments, etc. to save a significant amount of resources as replaces the paper based guest directory with a light and always up to date digital alternative. No investments in guest wallets, no more changing the paper sheets if the content is updated. Simply changing the respective part in the Hotel MSSNGR CMS and all is set.

Fully functional as the native apps

The Hotel MSSNGR web is – of course – fully functional as its advanced sibling, the native app. All types of content, booking functionality, pin board and phone directory. Favs and reminders and the weather forecast. All is there, automatically updated in real-time.

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