Automatically generate ready-to-print pixel perfect PDFs for your daily print communication

Carbon, our PDF generating engine was born out of the need of our customers to also communicate in paper. Designing, administrating and assuring the highest graphical standards on a daily basis is a tremendous effort. Our solution cuts this effort to a minimum – Hotel MSSNGR customers free up to 90% of their daily effort by leveraging on our Carbon engine to auto-generate all kinds of printing PDF 100% accurate and designed pixel-perfect to match the hotel’s corporate design guidelines.

Daily and weekly guest newspapers

Hotel MSSNGR Carbon auto-generates all printing products of your hotel. Based on rules on how content is filled in, the daily or weekly guest newspaper is automatically produced by the Hotel MSSNGR CMS. No worries, everything is editable, if necessary. This saves you tons of manual daily work.

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Hotel MSSNGR does all print material super-fast and 100% pixel perfect!

Spa, culture, culinary and kids plans

Also all other frequently updated print plans like SPA programs, activity plans, restaurant menus and opening hours are automatically generated with Hotel MSSNGR. Carbon will auto-deliver plans with every attention to detail. Color-coding, icons, time-formatting – everything will be taken care of.

CI flyers, restaurant and bar menues

Carbon also easily and automatically generates all CI material. Flyers, culture information, offers, brochures, etc. Everything printed out and associated to the hotel’s guest communication is pixel-perfectly hosted by Hotel MSSNGR’s carbon feature.

Restaurant and bar menues

Frequently changing restaurant and bar menues but having trouble overseeing the QA? Sounds familiar? Hotel MSSNGR’s carbon tool also handles this task perfectly. Changes to the menues can now be made by everybody in the team – Hotel MSSNGR takes care of the auto-formatting and allows for a drag-and-drop way to create menues. And saves tons of work!

100% pixel perfect to CD guidelines

No worries about formatting issues. Hotel MSSNGR delivers pixel perfect templates. If content is changed, new content is auto-formatted. Layout and graphics quality 100% guaranteed. Just drag-and-drop the new content in place – the daily print jobs have never been easier!

Saves up to 90% time on managing daily guest communication

Most of the daily jobs of editing and styling the daily or weekly printed guest communication materials is mainly repetitive and simple. Yet it is performed by valuable staff who could work with the guests directly instead. Hotel MSSNGR makes it possible. Hotels using this module save easily 70-95% on their daily routine tasks.

Auto formatted, auto prefilled

On print material it’s rather not content which is the difficult task, it’s maintaining the high graphical and layout quality. This job mostly can be done only by a few people in the team. And their time is usually scarce and precious. Luckily Hotel MSSNGR’s carbon feature is an automated graphics engine, which 100% pixel-perfect secures all graphics standard. No chance to fool this engine. Now all team members can work on printing products and still the quality is locked in at highest standards.

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