Native Apps

Hotel MSSNGR’s native apps are one of our core instruments. Interactive, personalized and showing real-time content, native apps are loved by the hotel’s guest. Hotel MSSNGR delivers white-label apps for iOS and Android operating systems, both in a native version for smart phone and tablets. Even an Apple Watch version is included. Offering a native app enables hoteliers to communicate most flexible and engage guest’s in the hotel activities like never before.

iOS and Android for Smart Phones and Tablets

Hotel MSSGNR delivers state of the art native apps to communicate to hotel guests on their personal devices. The native apps come in native versions for iOS and Android OS. Each in a separate version for smart phones and tablet devices – even the Apple watch is supported. Continously updated and enhanced by Hotel MSSNGR’s UX and UI team, Hotel MSSNGR apps receive high review ratings at all properties used around the world.

Updated real-time and accessible offline

Once entered into Hotel MSSNGR’s content management system, all content is pushe in real-time to the guest’s devices. Once on the individual smart phones and tables, all content is also available offline. This avoids roaming charges for international guests when outside an area of WiFi coverage.

Push messages

Hotel MSSNGR native apps foster guest’s engagement by sending them push messages to participate in the hotel’s activities or offers. No guest will ever feel spammed as push messages are only sent at the hotel’s discretion. The messages are highly welcomed by the guests, as prior to receiving push messages, all guests opted in to receive interest specific content only.

Favs and Reminders

Guests set their individual agenda by marking activities and information as favorites. Share these with friends in social media and add them to your personal calendar. The app reminds the user on time not to forget about their favorite activities.

Personalized content filter

All content can be tagged by the hotel. By doing this, guests are enabled to precisely define, which information they like to see on their personal device. Switching of interests also prevents receiving push messages. No spamming possible. All information received is kept 100% relevant to the guests.

Activities, directory and offers

The Hotel MSSNGR app is as flexible as the hotel needs it to be. Displayed content types are Activities, Hotel Directory and Offers. Within these content categories every type of content is welcome: rich text, PDFs, videos, images, websites. Hotel MSSNGR displays the hotel in all it’s diversity and complexity.

White label

The Hotel MSSNGR native apps come as white label versions. App icons, app store texts, the app’s splash screens, colours and fonts, all can be adapted to the hotel’s look and feel. Hotel MSSNGR apps integrate smoothly into the hotel’s communication environment – as if they were custom made apps.

Pin board

Hotel MSSNGR’s pin board function encourages the guests to communicate and interact. Built as an open “many-to-many” chat, the pin board is an easy to use tool to foster guest interaction. As most functions of Hotel MSSNGR, this feature can be switched off with a single click.

Weather forecast

Hotel MSSNGR’s native apps provide a powerful weather forecast. Data includes 48h hourly weather including rain probability and a 5 day outlook. Not to mention that the forecast data is updated in real-time.

Telephone directory

To make interaction with the hotel most comfortable, Hotel MSSNGR’s native apps feature a prominent telephone directory. Always at hand, this feature allows guests to contact the hotel throughout the customer journey. Be it pre arrival, to contact concierge desk during the stay or to make the next booking post stay.

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