Hotel MSSNGR Booking Engines

for restaurant tables, sports courts, activities and services


Hotel MSSNGR’s booking engines serve two ways of booking: First, as a self-service tool for the hotel’s guests and, second, as a webbased back office tool to administer all personal or telephone bookings via the hotel staff. By this, all bookings are managed out the same systems avoiding over or under-bookings.Hotel MSSNGR’s booking engines serve four types of bookings: restaurant tables, activities, sports courts and services. All types handle also the most complex set ups to fit even our customers most exotic requirements. Our booking engine can be a self-service to the hotel guests. Alternatively it can be uses as an internal-only tool to innovate the handling of bookings throughout the hotel.

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Restaurant table booking

Offer self-service restaurant reservations to your guests. The Hotel MSSNGR booking engine for restaurant tables offers booking possibilities via the Hotel MSSNGR guest app. The full featured booking engine allows for all complex restaurant setups. Offline bookings are taken care of by the back office and are synced in real-time with the overall availabilities. If guests are not supposed the book themselves, the back office engine keeps all bookings in snyc and allows for multiple staff to accept table reservations.

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Activity booking

Let your guests book their hotel activities via your Hotel MSSNGR guest app. Define booking windows by time and date, maximum number of persons. Setup a mandatory and optional information fields to retrieve the information you need to know upfront. And again, all offline booking are served through the same tool to ensure a perfect synced booking database and avoid over-booking.

Sports courts booking

Handle sports court bookings the perfect way by offering them being booked through the Hotel MSSNGR native apps or the web app. Avoid the hassle of complaining guest if their booking has not been received properly. No more overbookins due do non-synced manual booking forms. And also with this feature, all offline bookings a handled the same way to ensure a new quality of booking process for all guest channels.

Service booking

Hotel MSSNGR’s booking engine for services allows for a wide range of requests of the guests to be taken care of. Room upgrades, transfers, late check outs, room service, repair complaints, etc. Service booking is our most flexible engine, handling all request you want to put in the hand of your guests.

Offline and online bookings always in sync

By design, all online and offline bookings are handled out of the same database. This avoids any non-synced paper based booking forms and the associated over bookings. Hotel staff will love this tool and to kick the paper based booking forms for good!

Handles most complex booking setups

Hotel MSSNGR’s booking engines were developed closely together with our state of the art customers. The most demanding 4 and 5* hotels told us their requirements on booking engines. And we developed and met them. By this, Hotel MSSNGR booking engines handle the most complex and demanding booking setups. Again a Hotel MSSNGR feature to save a vast amount of resources to even better server the hotel’s guests.

Integration of third party booking engines

Besides our own booking engines, the Hotel MSSNGR booking engines easily integrate third party booking engines as well as web shops. If booking engines are in place and neatly working, Hotel MSSNGR does not require to change a running system. Simply integrate them into the Hotel MSSNGR apps. No need to change a good process. And all option to change to Hotel MSSNGR’s proprietory booking engines in the future, once needed.

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